About the Oku Inoue Fund for Empowering Children

There is hope; we can find it in the brightly shining eyes of the children...

29 November 2003: We implement support activities for children in Iraq to carry out the intentions of two Japanese diplomats who were killed in Iraq.

Why this fund was established

On 29 November 2003, Ambassador to Iraq Katsuhiko Oku, First Secretary Masamori Inoue and their Iraqi driver, Jerjees Sulaiman Zura, were fatally shot by unknown assailants in the southern area of Tikrit in Iraq. Mr Oku and Mr Inoue had been supporting humanitarian assistance activities in Iraq.

They focused their support on Iraqi children in diverse efforts towards the Iraq recovery. In a series of articles entitled 'Iraku dayori (Letter from Iraq)' Mr Oku writes, "There is hope; we can find it in the brightly shining eyes of the children..." While in Iraq, they helped provide aid to ensure that children be given a proper education and to encourage hope for a promising future by engaging them in humanitarian and reconstruction activities, such as the repair of school facilities and the distribution of educational materials to schools. He also writes in Iraku dayori, "I believe that children who receive Japanese assistance in school will remember us when they grow up" and explains the meaning of Japan's support for Iraq.

Ambassador Katsuhiko Oku and First Secretary Masamori Inoue were dedicated to fulfilling Japan's responsibility as a member of the international community. They had a strong sense of the task ahead and always active in the pursuit of this while having empathy for the Iraqi people's plight. We aim to realise the goals that they were trying to achieve at the risk of their own lives and hope that you will help us to do this.

What we do

The ethos of the Oku-Inoue Iraq Children's Fund is to support activities to help the less fortunate children in Iraq and other countries. We engage in the distribution of educational materials, the repair of school facilities and other similar projects.
We offer memorial lectures in educational institutions in Japan to encourage the development of people like Ambassador Oku and First Secretary Inoue.

Running of the fund

The Oku-Inoue Iraq Children's Fund steering committee (hereinafter referred to as the "steering committee"; see the committee member list below) exercises general management. The committee secretariats handle operations such as collecting donations, accounting and the selection of supporting activities.

Oku-Inoue Iraq Children's Fund screening committee (hereinafter referred to as the "screening committee"; see the committee member list below) makes careful selection of supporting activities.

Current donation status, activities reports and financial reports, and more will all be made available on this website.

Can you contribute to help Iraqi children?

We raise donations from the people who are happy to support the aims of the fund. We very much appreciate your understanding and support of our activities.

How to donate[Bank transfer]

Account Name : Oku Inoue Fund for Empowering Children

Account Number : 0154849

Bank Name : Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CORPORATION


Bank Address : 6-12 Toranomon 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001,JAPAN

Oku Inoue Fund for Empowering Children steering committee:

Tadanori,Ishibashi,Tomohiro Iwashita,Goshi Otani,Katsuyuki Kiyomiya,Shinichi Sakamoto,Tadanori Tamazawa,Ryuji Nakatake,Akihiro Nishioka,Hashiguchi Masakatsu,Toshiyuki Mashiko,Akira Yamada

Oku Inoue Fund for Empowering Children screening committee:
Yukio Okamoto,Tsuneo Sugishita,Satoshi Morimoto

Founders and the Committee Secretariats

Representative Founders: Katsuyuki Kiyomiya,Akira Yamada,Shinichi Sakamoto,Tadanori,Ishibashi
Ijichi bldg 2F,3-32-6,kamiigusa,suginami-ku,tokyo,167-0023,JAPAN
Oku-Inoue Iraq Children's Fund Secretariat NPO WASEDA CLUB
TEL:+81-3-3390-0202 FAX:+81-3-3301-5920
URL: http://www.oku-inoue-fund.com e-mail:info@oku-inoue-fund.com

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